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Study Internet Business Strategy

This book is structured so that it can serve as a basis for students that would like to learn more about e-business.

Introducing the program Internet Business Strategy

The unstoppable rise of the Internet has radical social and economic consequences. It is drastically changing society and the economy of today. And we are only at the beginning. Many people do not yet realize that the Internet is about to change our lives even more fundamentally. As a result, governments and businesses aren't sufficiently equipped to adapt to the digitization of society.

Current digital developments show that Internet use through computers and cable Internet is being surpassed by mobile internet on smart phones and tablets. These developments force us to think about new ways of learning, working, conducting business and making money. For example, companies that do not have an integrated Internet business strategy are likely to lose out to companies that do have a strategy. Employees with knowledge and skills in the subject of the Internet have a substantial advantage on the labor market over employees without such knowledge. Entrepreneurs have an increased chance becoming successful if they are well informed about the possibilities that the Internet has to offer. And finally, organizations and institutions in the public or semi-public sector will be able to provide their services much more efficiently by using the Internet in an effective manner.

Because of the fast growing importance of the Internet, the authors of the international website book 'The Impact of the Internet: How the Internet is changing the way we think, learn, work, do business and make money' are developing a unique online certificate program: 'Internet Business Strategy' (www.ibscourse.com). This program is supervised by Prof. Dr. Willem Vermeend and focuses on an integrated internet strategy for business. This strategy will also be useful for the public sector.

The Five Pillars of this certificate program are:

I. History and Future of the Internet

II. Internet Business Strategy, on doing business on the Internet with an integrated internet strategy

III. Digital marketing, including topics such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online PR, email marketing, online advertising, measurement and web analytics, best practice digital marketing and more....

IV. Emerging trends, such as big data solutions and 3D printing

V. Internet specials, such as how to start an internet-based company, or e-health and e-government


For those interested in the Internet Business Strategy course, please click here.