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Case 3 - Waste processer Garbaged 2.0

Starting point

Garbaged is a large organization with approximately 350 employees, which is engaged in waste collection and disposal for companies. For more than 40 years, it has collected the garbage of a couple of thousand of customers and processed it in a way that has been agreed on with the customer (e.g., some waste is confidential and needs special treatment, while other waste may be hazardous). The last couple of years, the market has changed. Garbaged is affected by a startup company that focuses on offices with paper and IT waste, such as hard drives. They do this more efficiently than Garbaged, which leads to better prices and more and more customers leaving the company. The fact that the concept of this startup could be copied to other types of customers has made the board of Garbaged think.

The organization has little experience with doing business on the Internet, but observes that there is demand for it, and that it could possibly lead to cost reductions. The managing director knows a consultant in this area and has asked him to discuss the issue with him. After a couple of meetings with the entire board, it has become clear that the company will have to start investing in a competitive Internet concept to guarantee continuity of the company. What form this will take exactly has to be determined. What is clear, though, is that the IT department shall have to modernize considerably in order to with deal with the developments.