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Special: Cases

The next part will put to practice the topics that were formulated in chapter 4. We will do this by means of three case studies. The starting point is a company that wishes to formulate an Internet strategy. What is important to note is that the solutions that are presented through the case studies serve an illustrative purpose only, and that they are by no means the only correct choices that can be made. The main objective is to show how a company can in practice come to the implementation of an Internet strategy, using the topics that have been discussed as a guideline. To get a good spread in the examples, we have chosen the following three cases:

• An existing small and medium-sized enterprise (SME): the pharmacy;

• An existing corporate: the waste collection and processing company Garbaged;

• An online start-up: DDD-Design.com.

Because the relevance of each topic varies per company and situation, the cases below provide a logical, step-by-step overview of the potential steps that can be taken by a company to come to an Internet vision and to the actual implementation of an Internet strategy. As such, the different relevant topics will be interwoven throughout the cases.

Case 1 - The Pharmacy

Starting point

The pharmacy of Michael Chester is currently going through a difficult time. The pharmacy is facing competition from an Internet pharmacy, which has prescriptions ordered nationally and delivered at home locally, and thereby captures part of the business of traditional pharmacies. Margins have come under pressure and it doesn't help that the number of inhabitants in the services area is on the decline. Chester observes that his customers demand evermore service and is deliberating the future. To what extent would a well-designed Internet strategy be able to make his pharmacy grow again? What would the future look like for the pharmacy anno 2023? Chester decides to make serious work of a new vision for the future in an effort to transform his pharmacy into a business that still matters in in ten year's time and grows instead of contracts.