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A Websitebook

The Impact of the Internet: How the Internet is changing the way we think, learn, work, do business and make money is a so-called Websitebook. A Websitebook is an ordinary book, but with the features of a website incorporated into it. This allows readers among other things to, easily find word definitions, share texts on social media platforms, jump to other chapters or topics in the book and watch video's related to the content!

Keeping the Book Up To Date

The Websitebook was finalized in May 2013. However, the development of the Internet and e-business does not stop. On the contrary, the world of the Internet is subject to rapid advancement. This is why the book is updated at least two times a year. With these updates, the content of the book remains current throughout the year. Updates may also contain valuable comments posted by readers.

Help Improve the Book

While our team strives to keep the book up to date at all times, we may overlook important information. If you find information that you think should be included in the book, please email us via the ‘Help improve the website!’ box. You can access this box by clicking on the button at the bottom of each page.